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10 Key Issues

Bianchi, L., Whittaker, C. and Poole, A. (2020) The 10 Key Issues with Children's Learning in Primary Science in England. The University of Manchester & The Ogden Trust. 

This report presents classroom findings as seen through the eyes ofprimary science specialists. As such the information will be useful to a range of stakeholders, to inform of validated and cross referenced realities and so stimulate debate across all parties committed to developing science inprimary schools. The report invites stakeholders to reflect upon the findings and to consider the implications to their area of activity or focus.

Acknowledgements to the Ogden Trust for sponsorship of this study, and Science Across the City for their integral involvement in the evidence and writing of the report.

Access the Report

Listen to the report in overview.

Download the full report by CLICKING HERE!

Wish to hard-copy print the report? Email to provide you with the relevant format for this purpose.

To contact the authors and sponsors

The Ogden Trust
The Phoenix Brewery
13 Bramley Road
London   W10 6SP

Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester  M13 9PL

Science Across the City 
Moorpark Junior School
Park Road
Burslem ST6 1EL

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