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A to Z of Primary Science Teacher Resources

This booklet, designed for teachers, was developed by Dr Lynne Bianchi and Rosemary Feasey working at the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University. It is designed with the two simple principles in mind:

1. That children learn best when they are motivated tolearn, i.e. when they find the learning experienceenjoyable and worthwhile and when they areactively involved in the learning process.

2. A teacher is likely to be more effective having firstgained the confidence and skills to use a range ofstrategies which provide a variety of active learningexperiences for the students

How to use this booklet:

The aim of this booklet is to provide a starting point forreflection and discussion on issues in primary scienceeducation, for example, it could be used:

• for reflection on your own approaches to teachingand learning;

• as a starting point for discussion with colleagues;

• to initiate debate within your own school or a familyof schools.

Each section contains a summary of current ideas andsome questions on which to reflect.

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A to Z of Primary Science Teacher Resources

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With thanks to the Comino Foundation for their support for the production of this resource.

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