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Action Research Papers

SEERIH supports teachers to engage in research to study primary science and engineering teaching, learning and assessment. This can be by teachers invited to take part in research led by SEERIH staff, or teachers being supported to undertake action research in their own classrooms and schools.

1. How to develop science enquiry in the primary school? Stockport CS All Saints.pdf

2. If we focus on improving personal skills in science lessons, will itimprove learning outcomes in science? Stockport CS Orrishmore & Bradshaw.pdf

3. What does a responsive, child-focused planning and assessment framework for primary science look like? Stockport Great Moor Infants School.pdf

4. How can we develop and diversify our appraoches to teaching scientific enquiry skills in primary schools? Stockport St Winifreds Primary School.pdf

5. If we change our approach to include open-ended activities in science, will it improve the chilldren's attitudes towards their written work and their outcomes? Read the poster Alexandra Park Primary School 2018.pdf or the full Report

6. If a planned scheme of outdoor learning in science is delivered, will this improve attitudes in English for children who are just below agre related expectations in Reading & Writing? Read the poster Broadheath Primary School 2018.pdf or the full Report

7. Does practical science increase children's engagemet and motivaiton? Read the poster Hazel Grove Primary School 2018.pdf or the full Report

8. If we create teacher supported science learning opportunities in Early Years wiill children's speaking and listening skills improve? Read the poster Highfield Primary School 2018.pdf or the full Report

9. If we allow children to formulate their own scientific questions willthey be able to lead their learning in order to answer them? Read the poster St Paul's CofE Primary School 2018.pdf or the full Report

10. If we increase the number of scientific enquiry lessons er half term, will children be more engaged and motivated? Read the poster Summerville Primary School 2018.pdf

11. Will collaboraive work help children to improve their scientific language? Broadheath_Primary_School.pdf

12. Does children's science capital affect the types of questions they ask? Christchurch_Primary_School.pdf

13. Why are science lessons teacher led and worksheet-driven? Romiley_Primary_School.pdf

14. What is the impact when children in the Early Years lead their own science learning? Sacred_Heart_Primary_School.pdf

15. Is there evidence of curiosity being facilitated in science lessons in Key Stage 2? St_Patricks_Primary_School.pdf

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