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Smarter Choices Project

An innovative research and innovation study focused on improving science leraning experiences for pupils across the Key Stage 2-3 transition, with an emphasis on exploring the implications for disadvantaged learners. This programme involves two leading high schools in Greater Manchester and their partnership primary schools.

Acknowledgements to the funding provided by The SHINE Trust.

Presentations and publications:
ASE 2020 Northern Conference
ASE 2021 January Conference

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Explore inspirational scientists and their journeys into STEM

Raising Aspirations
Focusing on developing children's science capital and awareness of STEM Careers - take a look at this range of University of Manchester scientist's profiles. Resources developed to inspire 7-14 year olds.

Access each profile with an accompanying powerpoint presentation designed as active listening and reading tasks. A great way to bring vocabulary and science development together.  

James Beswisk, PhD Researcher

James' job involves mixing chemicals together to make new molecules that could help other scientists understandmore about how to treat certain diseases.

Dr Jess Boland, Lecturer in Functional Materials

Jess’ maths teacher encouraged her to explore a physics degree, as she was always asking how maths could be applied to the real world.

Dr Sarah Crowther, Research Fellow in Cosmochemistry

Sarah’s always had an interest in space and still wants to be anastronaut when she grows up!

Dr Ben Parslew, Aerospace Engineer

Ben was around 14 years old when he realised he reallyenjoyed Maths, Physics and Art, which he thought mightbe a strange combination!

Dr Marialuisa Gentile, Senior Scientist

Marialuisa's STEM journey started when she saw a picture of a microscope in achemistry book and was fascinated about the possibility of discovering the structure of materials at a very small scale.

Dr Anastasia Vasileiou, Research Fellow in Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing

At school, Anastasia was good at Maths, Science but also, Literature and found it hard to choose a career path, but finally got attracted by the idea of studying engineering.

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