Family-led Science Extravaganza

Reaching High
(co-creating activities with families)

Age suitability: 7-11 years

Effort required: (1=less work - 5=more work)

Pre-activity: 2
During activity: 2
Post-activity: 2

Families and school learning together to deepen their understanding of particular topics that interest them. A science after-school extravaganza (fair) to showcase their learning to other families!

  • To ask and explore scientific questions that they are curious about.
  • To make observations and describe what they see.
  • To identify and use findings that help them explain their observations and/or offer an answer to their question.
  • Recruit parents, siblings or family members who wish to support in the planning of a science extravaganza or fair.
  • Facilitate their event planning – identify the science topic and activity ideas (using the internet and other sources). One family to choose one activity that they will host.
  • Offer support to plan space, access to the internet, paper, resources, etc.
  • Invite the parents, siblings or family members to make a list of requirements and place any orders that are requested.
  • Create a basic timeline of what needs doing when and who is taking responsibility. Each activity will be run by a family.
  • Create publicity showcasing the questions that will be explored at the event. Target the other year groups to be invited (with their parents or families!). Children to design fliers and event information and to communicate the event in school.  
  • Engage parents in other events before they plan this one – they will need a good idea of the types of activities they could do, so as not to feel overwhelmed
  • Focus on working scientifically – investigations where children are looking, trying and talking
  • Order resources as far in advance, and show a parent or two how you do this, so they can do it next time
  • Take a back seat – Remember it’s the parents leading. Teachers are simply facilitating.
  • Be aware of your budget! Less can be more! Use the resources that are easy to find as these will be the investigations that can be easily repeated at home.

Developed by Liane Clegg and Kathy Thomason, St Anne’s R C Primary School, Crumpsall, Manchester