Science Heads Together

Taking Root
(participating on activities with families)

Age suitability: 3-11 years

Effort required: (1=less work - 5=more work)

Pre-activity: 3
During activity: 4
Post-activity: 2

Parents and family members are the untapped resource with ideas and skills that don’t always get capitalised upon. Create a Science parent working party to generate ideas with you to plan and resource the next science event in your school.

  • To capitalise on the expertise and enthusiasm of parents and families
  • To develop a collaborative working party of parents/family members and teachers
  • To enhance relationships with parents and families around curriculum learning
  • To learn from and with parents/families
  1. Target invitations towards parents, family members, parent governors and other teaching staff that you think would be interested in the first stages. Ask them to support you in developing an idea around a science-focused, suitable for children at all levels of the school.
  2. Decide on a rough theme to help guide your working party to an initial goal or activity, e.g. a science BBQ or sports science afterschool event). Have some ideas for where to source example activities and provide pictures to stimulate ideas.
  3. Lead an initial meeting by explaining the purpose, welcoming all ideas and consider encourage people to see whether there are particular careers/expertise/ contacts can be linked to the science focus of your event.
  4. Collate ideas together, and ask teachers to assist in linking activities to National Curriculum learning objectives for working scientifically.  
  5. Allow some thinking time and then meet again, inviting the group to pair up (teachers with parents/family members) around an activity that they will take ownership of – in preparation, resourcing etc.  

Utimately, run a short event using this collaborative approach, before the working party is invited to decide for themselves how to move forward to develop science together in school.

  • Garner support from Senior Leadership to promote engagement with the whole school community. Encouarge it to be highlighted on the school website, setting dates in advance for meetings etc.
  • Meet after school or as a breakfast meeting. Provide a good range of refreshments for anyone attending the meeting!
  • You may require running the meeting 2 or 3 times before the working party establishes itself.
  • Encouage a parent or two to become ‘leads’ or ‘co-chair’ of the group with you.
  • Approach parents who may not be aware of the opportunity and make them aware of the opportunity in conversation as opposed to formal letters.

Developed by Matt Willis and Louise Bousfield, Bradshaw Hall Primary School