Family Talent Pool

Reaching High
(co-creating activities with families)

Age suitability: 3-11 years

Effort required: (1=less work - 5=more work)

Pre-activity: 2
During activity: 3
Post-activity: 4

Find out about the skills of parents and families by sending home a science survey asking about jobs or hobbies. Seek to identify those that are science linked in different ways.

  • To learn about science in the world around us
  • To explore, describe and communicate science in a variety of ways
  • To develop the use of scientific vocabulary
  1. Create a survey for parents and the wider community asking if they have a hobby or job which involves Science (aim to distribute in the Summer term in preparation for a new academic year).
  2. Ask parents, if they would be willing to help out, talk about their job or hobby or work alongside their children’s teacher to carry out an activity in school.
  3. Collate this information so that you can identify  opportunities where parent’s interests can link to science topics being taught across the school. e.g. Florists – Plants, Fire fighter – materials, Engineer – DT etc).
  4. Arrange an open meeting with parents to informally discuss how their skills and knowleddge could support children to understand how what they’re learning in school fits into the world around them. Explore opportunities they are willing to support and ask them to sign up.
  5. Be clear on the time commitment and when in the year you may need them for different levels of engagement.
  • Use parents who have done it before to help new parents overcome any concerns.  
  • Set a date for returns of survey and promote within school, on the website and through text messaging service (if possible)

Developed by Louise Thompson, Vale View Primary School