Sport Science Investigators

Growing Tall
(collaborating on activities with families)

Age suitability: 3-11 years

Effort required: (1=less work - 5=more work)

Pre-activity: 2
During activity: 1
Post-activity: 2

Families join in with their children to plan and undertake a science investigation linked to sports, for example: Do people with longer legs jump further? A family-meet up offers teachers and parents time to come up with ideas which they can share in to enjoy learning science through Sport. Involving the Physical Education teachers, or local sports team coaches/teams also extends the impact of this collaborative activity.

  • to develop cross-curricular links between physical education and science
  • to use sports as a stimulus for a range of primary science investigations
  • to explore and strengthen understanding in the range of enquiry types
  1. Engage parents/carers and staff within the school by inviting them into school for a short after-school meeting. Encouareg children to begin sharing their question ideas with their parents/carers.
  2. Invite family groups to choose and develop one of the ideas, by planning what they would do to investigate their question. Teachers facilitate this to encourage a strong scientific enquiry process e.g. the question, method, way of recording results,
  3. Plan when the activity will take place – utilise a weekly science, P.E. lesson or after school twilight for this purpose, and use the school grounds in diverse ways.
  4. Decide how they can encourage other parental involvement, e.g. organise information in newsletters, posters or invitations to specific groups.
  5. Make a list of required resources. School should support as much as possible, but still allow the families to take charge of their resourcing and preparation.
  • Let the children take the lead in enagaging families
  • Step back and support the families with planning and resourcing their investigation, hosting and carrying it out only when they require it, give them ownership!
  • Invite more parents in to watch the investigsation even if they haven’t wished to take part in the planning
  • If the whole school is carrying out investigations on the same day, create  a timetable for indoor/outdoor space needed
  • Reward, encourage and reward again – stickers, certificates etc.

Developed by Kathy Thomason and Liane Clegg, St Anne’s R C Primary School