Hello, and welcome to ‘Tinkering-for-Learning’

Here we share the collaborative learning of over 30 teachers, from 12 schools, across 3 years, working with the Science & Engineering Innovation and Research Hub at The University of Manchester.

After 3 years of exploration, experimentation and, of course, tinkering, we’re keen to share what we’ve learnt about doing great engineering in schools. We’ve developed 7 principles of engineering education, written over 20 lesson plans for you to try, and compiled a range of publications for wider reading - some of which inspired our thinking, and some of which were written by the SEERIH team and our teachers.

So… jump on in and start exploring from the menu above, or, if you want a bit more of an explanation watch the intro video above.

And... please do get in contact with any questions, comments or contributions you’d like to offer. We’re always keen to connect with other interested educationalists to talk tinkering! You can tweet us @UoMSEERIHor email us fascinate@manchester.ac.uk

Dr Lynne Bianchi
Director of SEERIH

Dr Jon Chippindall
SEERIH Engineering Champion