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A place where you can explore how to encourage engineering in primary schools. the Seven Principles of Engineering Education offers you the foundations for this work, accompanied by over 20 lesson ideas and projects, including the annual Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge (GMEC). Newest to the content is the Engineering Progressing to be an Engineer Framework for primary schools, which supports teacher planning and progress tracking of young people in Engineering Habits of Mind and skills.

For your ease, we've pulled together relevant publications to stimulate your thinking - some that us and some of which were written by our team and teachers. You’ll find these under ‘Just good stuff’ from the menu at the top of the page.

We’re always keen to connect with other interested educationalists to talk tinkering! You can tweet us @UoMSEERIH or email us fascinate@manchester.ac.uk

Dr Lynne Bianchi
SEERIH Director, The University of Manchester

Dr Jon Chippindall
SEERIH Engineering Champion

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