The diagram above, from Lucas’ 2014 report ‘Thinking like an engineer. Implications for the education system’ presents the 6 Engineering Habits of Mind (EHoMs) set within a broader set of learning habits of mind. Brief descriptions of each of the EHoMs appears below adapted from the report. The resources and progression frameworks found on this website further illustrate the EHoMs as applied to learning in the primary classroom.  

Systems Thinking: Identifying whole systems, decomposing these into parts and identifying how they connect. Spotting patterns and recognising interdependencies.

Problem Finding: Clarifying needs and evaluating solutions, investigating contexts and defining constraints.

Visulising: Moving from abstract to concrete, mental rehearsal of physical space and practical design solutions.

Improving: Making things better by experimenting, designing, sketching, conjecturing, thought experiments and prototyping.

Creative Problem Solving: Generating ideas and solution with others, critiquing and collaborating

Adapting: Testing and evaluating, rejecting and rethinking, reapplying.

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