The Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge (GMEC) 2018-19

What is GMEC?

The Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge is an innovative project that aims to engage and inspire primary and secondary pupils and their teachers in the engineering design process and developing engineering habits of mind.

Sponsored by the Institute of Engineering and Technology and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, this project forms part of the Engineering Education Grant Scheme.

The 2018 challenge focused on designing and making a Marble Run. Pupils from Greater Manchester schools, as well as others out of region, created marble runs and entered these into a competition. Review the archive of GMEC Marble Run resources here

New for the academic year 2018-19 is the GMEC 2019 Challenge! This year's challenge will focus on Engineering Improves Lives. Pupils will be completing a series of challenges using the Engineering Design Process to help come up with solutions to key issues seen in society.

How can my school be involved?

We are inviting new schools to engage with the GMEC challenge for 2018-19.  Schools in close proximity to the University as well as those across Greater Manchester, and also UK wide can take part. We encourage you to contact us now on if you are interested to take part, please mark your email with a subject line of 'GMEC 2018-19'.

Review the archive of GMEC Marble Run resources here