The Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge (GMEC) 2019

What is GMEC?

GMEC is an innovative campaign designed and developed by the SEERIH to inspire primary and secondary pupils into engineering. GMEC is centred on giving teachers and students the skills required to complete a key engineering challenge, using the engineering design process and Engineering Habits of Mind.

In 2018 the challenge consisted of young people around the country building a marble run and putting into practice their Engineering Habits of Mind.

This year’s engineering challenge has the theme: ‘Engineering Improves Lives’. The main challenge will be released on 19th March 2019, and students (supported by their teachers), will have until 2nd May to complete the challenge using the Engineering Design Process and Habits of Mind. The challenge will be based around two of the following topics:

  • Plastics
  • Air pollution
  • Homelessness
  • Dementia
  • Loneliness

From the 5th February 2019 teachers will be offered plentiful resources to support them in the delivery of this challenge, with a variety of fun and engaging activities to complete before the main challenge, through which your students’ understanding of engineering and engineering skills will be developed. These resources can now be downloaded here with the accompanying resources avaliable here.

The challenge is sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET) and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (The IMechE) and forms part of the Engineering Education Grant Scheme.


Who is GMEC for?

The Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge is aimed at pupils between 7-13 years of age, and any school in the country – and beyond – can get involved in the challenge. All the challenges and resources will be accessible on this website, as they are released. To ensure you don’t miss any resources – sign up today and we will send them to your email address when they are released.



STEP 1: Sign up

Register your involvement with the GMEC team to receive regular updates and information about the challenge.

STEP 2: Download the GMEC 2019 Skills Developer

This resource pack provides teachers with 2 engineering activities to be done with pupils before the GMEC Final Challenge. Targeted at 7-13 year olds, these activities are designed by teachers to support pupils to develop engineering skills. It is recommended that all pupils do at least one activity before the final challenge.

Activities are designed to use resources that are regularly available in school.

Download the teacher resource pack here and the accompanying material here.

STEP 3: Join in with the 2019 GMEC Challenge! 19th March – 2nd May 2019

Download the GMEC Final Challenge here and the accompanying material here.

You have 2 weeks to complete these challenges!

Don’t forget that when you have your solution to tweet them to us @UOMSEERIH using #GMEC19. Alternatively, you can email your solutions to us at

Deadline for pupil solutions: 2nd May 2019

STEP 4: Complete the pupil evaluation form to receive your GMEC 2019 Challenge Certificates and prize

Please complete separate evaluations for male and female pupils. Use the following forms to tally the pupil responses:

The evaluation forms ask pupils to agree or disagree with 5 statements where 0 = completely disagree and 3 = completely agree.

Once you have tallied the pupils’ responses, please complete the following google forms:

All schools sending evaluation information back to the GMEC team will receive exciting engineering equipment for your school and a digital copy of our certificate to give to pupils.


Meet the team

  • Dr Jon Chippindall the creative engineering mind
  • Mrs Rebecca Unwin the logical one behind a successful campaign
  • Dr Lynne Bianchi the one that keeps the plates spinning
  • Miss Ellen Logan the one that keeps us all in check
  • Mrs Julie Wiskow one of our fabulous teacher champions
  • Mrs Ainsley Moseley one of our fabulous teacher champions

Contact us at if you have queries.

If you’re an engineer and wish to support the project email
If you are keen to sponsor GMEC 2020 please get in touch directly with


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