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    Making Engineering Move!

    Design, test and refine a moving vehicle for different purposes.


    Design a catapult to fire a projectile the furthest distance

    Propel a wheeled vehicle along using a plastic bottle

    Design and make a water powered rocket car using a plastic bottle.

    How can we improve a falling propeller?

    Pupils make and test a simple paper propeller using a template. Pupils discuss how the propeller's flight could be improved. Pupils then apply this to designing and making their own improved paper flying device that will stay in the air for as long as possible.

    Can you move a small object from one place to another using hydraulics?

    Measure and cut cardboard shapes to make a crane like structure. Use syringes to act as hydraulics.

    Can you design a safe house?

    Pupils are given a task to design and make a high house for a family to live in that is safe from the witch who steals pupils. Must be secure and sturdy with a detachable access route. Links to short story - The Wicked Witch of the Singing Sands.

    Scrappy Challenge

    A design and make activity where students develop their understanding of sustainability. Students will work in teams to problem solve and design an environmentally friendly new product by reusing scrap materials.

    Design a Kite-Powered car

    Pupils build a working model of a kite by adapting an existing design.

    Can you design a moving vehicle?

    Pupils were involved in designing, making, adapting and evaluating a moving vehicle.

    3D nets - making a tipi

    Visualise the 3D shape needed to cover a Native American Tipi - a practical use of 3D nets

    Design an invention to keep the snakes away from Uncle Fred

    This lesson is linked to work done based on the book Rosie Revere: Engineer by Andrea Beaty. In the book Rosie designs and makes an invention to keep snakes away from her Uncle Fred, but it fails. In this session pupils are 'helping' Rosie by designing and making their own solutions to the problem.

    How do you make synthesised drums with different pitch?

    Pupils make a drum synthesiser, giving smaller drum sizes for higher pitch and larger drums a lower pitch.

    Robot Rescue!

    A easy to set up introduction / problem solving lesson, where pupils work in small groups to program a moving 'robot' to complete a 'rescue'.

    Introduction to Lego MindStorms

    Basic: Learn how to program and control Lego MindStorms
    Extension: Use data logging function in a science experiment (Upper KS2/KS3)

    Fire lighting to bake Viking bread

    Bake traditional Viking bread over an open fire (investigate the burning properties of different types of wood)

    Make a model earthquake vibrating machine

    Make something that will act as a model earthquake using jelly.

    Can you make a brush bot to compete in a 1m sprint?

    The pupils will design and make a moving brush bot to compete in a 1m Olympic race.

    Design an invention for an Epic Fail Invention Fair

    As part of work done on Rosie Revere: Engineer by Andrea Beaty, pupils design, make, adapt, and evaluate an invention to showcase at an Epic Fail Invention Fair.

    How can you amplify the music from a mobile phone?

    Pupils make a sound amplifier from a tube; using enquiry skills to investigate one changed variable (comparative test) e.g. tube length or filling material.

    Robot Dance-Off

    Longer-term project in which pupils work together in small groups to programme a robot / moving toy to dance. At a basic level, this may look like a dancing 'car', but can be expanded to include D&T by building an outer shell for the robot. Music can also be composed through ICT and used to extend.

    Scribble bugs

    The aim of this resource, is to develop EHoM’s through the use of tinkering to allow students to take ownership of the design and make process. 

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